Sense a Life | Child Saving Smart Technology
"New legislation want heatstrokes to stop and is calling lawmakers to take action.""

What's Next For Our Team

We are looking for strategic partners who will help us mass produce our device at an affordable price and have readily available in the retail market. Also, partnering with car seat manufactures, we can have our technology available in all car seats.

Peace of mind

Parents are not always the ones watching and caring for their children. Whether it is a grandma, friend, or babysitter watching your child, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your child is safe no matter where you are.

Keep it affordable

We made sure our product is affordable to everyone, without cutting down in quality.

Safe Technology

Our device utilizes patented technology to sense whether the parent and child are both present in the vehicle. It then determines when the parent is about to exit the car through optical sensors and triggers an audio alert with a verbal message notifying the driver to remove the child from the car seat.

If for some reason the driver is distracted and does not react to the verbal alert, the system triggers a secondary notification to a Bluetooth synced mobile phone through our proprietary mobile app alerting the driver.

Take a sneak peak at our device!

Here's a video of a sneak peak into our device works. Using Optical sensors and smart technology, we can assure you that your children will be safe.

  • Automatic Notification
  • Upload your Childrens Pictures
  • Mobile App Compatible
  • Easy To customize


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The one aspect which is not a factor is that these children were not forgotten by parents who were reckless with regard to care for their children. This modern day phenomenon must be explained from a brain science perspective, not one that blames parents for being negligent




"The person who will not quit until this technology is in every car seat around the world. This is a major problem and we have the solution in Sense A Life!”

Fadi Shamma, Cofounder & CEO


“The person who worked tirelessly to ensure this technology is not only the best but also most effective and simple to use. With over 20 years of experience, he is committed to keeping our children safe.

Jim Friedman, Cofounder & CTO


“The person with a passion for innovation and future thinking. His experience in coding, design, and marketing has helped ensure this device is ready for market and ready to help save lives.”

Masud Hossain, Cofounder & COO


“The person Handling international relations and accounting, while assisting with raising funding for Sense A Life so they may expand globally.”

Rashid Gargash, Cofounder & CFO