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Place Child Pad under car seat padding.

Please make sure that the child pad is placed in a location that allows for the child to make constant contact with the child pad to allow it to communicate properly with the main device.


Device and sensors will sync and detect both parent and child.

Once the child is placed in the car seat, the child pad will engage the main device (by the driver’s door) and will activate the system. A loud vocal alert will notify you that it has been activated by saying: “Child senor activated.”


Secure your child within 1 minute.

Once the system has been activated, the driver has 1 minute to secure the child into the car seat safely and occupy the driver’s seat. There will be no alerts for up to 1 minute after child sensor has been activated.


Instant detection when door opens

Once the driver’s door begins to open when the driver attempts to exit the vehicle, the main device speaker will announce to the driver in a loud vocal alert: “Occupant detected in car seat. Please remove child from the seat.”


Instant mobile alerts

The driver will also receive a mobile App alert after the vocal alert. Once the app alert is received, there are two button options:

• Child removed: Press this button once you have safely removed the child from the vehicle.

• Snooze: This button gives the driver an additional 3 minutes to load the groceries in the vehicle or to fill the vehicle with gas. (Please make sure that inside temperature of the vehicle is cool enough for the child during this time).

NOTE: The mobile app must be downloaded and active to receive the mobile app alerts. The iOS App is now available for Download and the Android version is currently under development.


Child is safe!

Once the child is safely removed from the child seat, the system will go into sleep mode but will never shut completely off. Even while your loved ones sleep, Sense A Life never sleeps.

The device and mobile app will also provide numerous alerts to recharge the main device. A full recharge can take up to 4 hours and we recommend doing this overnight while vehicle is not in use.